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We want to recommend the following scientific books:

Titel: The Handbook of Road Safety Measures, 1st edition 2004

Author: Rune Elvik, Truls Vaa

Sprache: english

Verlag/ISBN: ELSEVIER (UK), 0-08-044091-6

About the content:

This book is an important standard publication for all road safety experts. The Norwegian scientists Elvig and Vaa made a huge collection of international road safety research results. Furthermore they used the data to provide a widespread overview and assessment of different road safety measures. Readers can find in the book detailed information about such important topics like factors for the accident contribution, Concepts of road safety research, the performance of different specific measures like road design, maintenance, vehicle inspection, driver training etc.


Titel: Grundlagen der Verkehrssicherheit (Basics on Road Safety) Ausgabe 2010

Author: Klaus Robatsch, Christian Kräutler, Bernd Strnad

Sprache: German

Verlag/ISBN: Östereichischer Kunst- und Kulturverlag Wien, 978-3-85437-306-3

About the content:

The book was actually published in 2010 as second and reviewed edition. The content of the book is the detailed and systematic review of different topics regarding road safety. In the book the reader can find the following topics: Traffic accidents, Parameters of accident research, Basics of traffic regulation, Strategic road safety programs, Safety management of the road infrastructure, Road safety in the communal level, Behavior of road users, Non motorized traffic, Motorized traffic and public transport, Special user groups.

The basis of this scientific book is in the first line the situation in Austria and the successful Austrian road safety policy. The good experience and useful information are in many cases also relevant for the European neighborhood countries, that means this book is very interesting for all road safety experts.