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15/09/2018 GRSA goes driver safety training

In our work, the GRSA focuses on the road design  and traffic psychological aspects of road safety of roads. streets amd other facilities.

However, to know more about the behavior of the driver and the vehicle in extreme situations is also important. It coulkd help us  e.g. when we are conducting Road Safety Audits of existing roads.

Members of the GRSA therefore took part in a specail driver safety training organised by the "Verkehrswacht association Barnim" near the city Bernau. There is a special training area to simulate different special situations for example like ice on roads and the training was leaded by a very experienced trainer.

In an impressive way, we gained experience about reactions dangerous situations but also got to know the electronic driver assistenz in modern vehicles can give support.

We would like to recommend this kind driver safety training.




22/05/2016 Co-operation with the Brandenburg Association for Disabled People (ABB) - First results

The GRSA has started a co-operation in the field of road safety with the ABB-association. As a result collegues of the GRSA and ABB conducted a field study in a typical German city center to anlyse the current situation for disabled people ("Design for all"?!).

In Germany about 10% of inhabitants have a serious handicap. These people have an urgent need for a barrier-free infrastructure (“Design for all”). In addition a barrier-free design is suitable also for more people because of practical advances in comfort and safety. In the design process it is necessary to follow the various regulations and design guidelines to include the interests of handicapped people. In the field of design knowledge and papers there was a remarkable progress over the last decades. For example the German Road and Transportation Research Association (FGSV) published in 2011 the “Advices for barrier-free traffic facilities” (HBVA 2011). In addition we can find several different design-handbooks, guidelines in the federal-country and communal level. But there are some open questions: What is the practical situation of the implementation of these well-known design principles? What is the awareness of the design philosophy “Design for all” in administration and in the design process? How often we can find the best practice in reality? Therefore a group of members of the GRSA arranged a field study together with members of a disability association in a typical German city to find the answers.

In our opinion is the modern “design for all” an important step to increase the level of road safety in urban areas. Of course is this also a urgent matter for the practical work of Road Safety Auditors.

A report with a summary of our field study results and some recommendations to improve the situation is available. It is published in the German scientific magazine “Straßenverkehrstechnik” (No. 06/2016).

 Impression of our field study in September 2016


10/11/2011 New Activities of the GRSA

Following the new policy of the GRSA we want to strenthen our activities in the field of the safety of vulnerable road users. That means at first to support measures for the safety of school pupils on their way to school and second the safety of bicyclists. For that activities we want to start a co-operation with other NGO's. 

We appointed at first a co-operation with the NETWORK ROAD SAFETY in the Federal State Brandenburg concerning their action program for elementary schools. 

01/06/2011 Results of Pilot-Projects "Road Safety Inspection"

We organised since 2006 numerous pilots of the RSI in Brandenburg. The basis were our experience with the PIARC - procedure of the Road Safety Inspection from abroad. About our results we published a report in the German scientific magazine  "Straßenverkehrsstechnik" No. 06/2011. 

Although there are different other methods etablished for safety analysis in Germany, we have demonstrated the advantages of the RSI-procedure. It seems, that our activities will help to start a discussion here in Germany about this topic. We think, the RSI is a very effective tool to increase road safety and should be used in the future also in Germany.

10/07/2009 EU- Road Safety Project in South East Europe

To improve the transport infrastructure in South East Europe the SEETO organization was founded with the support of the EU. Its obvious that in the field of road safety more effort is necessary to reach the target of a significant reduction of serious accidents. As a softmeasure of the actual Multi Annual Plan of the SEETO the implementation of a Road Safety Audit system is foreseen. A separate project to support the implementation is running now.

Members of the GRSA are part of the project team as key expert or as short term expert. During the project several pilots of practical Road Safety Audits (RSA) and Road Safety Inspection (RSI) together with local experts were organized. The additional Workshops were helpful in the exchange of knowledge and experience.

A RSI near City of Banja Luka                            Workshop in Skopje

The main results of the project regarding the road safety are:


    - A draft short term ROAD SAFETY STRATEGIE


    - A proposal for law and regulation for a mandatory RSA and RSI






    - A draft RSA Agreement + action plan


01/12/2008  The new Road Safety directive of the EU is published!

The European Parliament has adopted a legislative report on a directive to upgrade road safety management standards which aims to establish EUwide standards on road infrastructure management (EU Directive 2008/96/EC).

The Directive requires the establishment and implementation of rules relating to road safety impact assessments, road safety audits, the management of road network safety and safety inspections by the Member States. The introduction of the mentioned tools at least for the trans European network will help to reduce the victims of traffic accidents on European Roads. The GRSA will take part with their experts and auditors in an active way in this process. 



05/11/2008  Road Safety Audit project in Egypt

The European Union give technical support to Egypt with the SAAP program. As one part of this a new Twinning project started in September, the Twinning partners are Germany and Austria and Egypt. The content of the project are very widespreaded activities in different field of road safety. In one project part Egyptian experts get a training to be Road Safety Auditor. Some Member of the GRSA are involved in the project and can share their experience with the Egyptian engineers.


01/05/2007 New Road Safety project in Romania

The number killed people in traffic accidents in Romania than in Western European countries. 
The European Union is continuing its 2004 program  for improvement of the road safety. In the context of this project, concepts are worked and prepared up to the stage of tendering of the construction bids for 39 through road sections along the National Road 1 and for different main streets in the capital city of Bucharest. Construction is due to start this year, with EU support.

Some members of the GRSA are playing a part in the project work as road safety experts. more...