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Road Safety Inspection

Of course, a part of today's road network is already several decades old. That means that the alignment was designed in time with less traffic volume and slowly travel speed.

Germany is not the only Country with this problem. Therefore, e.g. the world road association  PIARC is working with experts teams from around the world in developing efficient strategies for the active improvement of road safety. Also the GRSA - experts are involved in this process. A standardized test procedure has already been worked out for critical road sections like accident Black-spots.

The method
Road Safety Inspection (Road Safety Inspection, RSI) is a tool to discover possible deficits of existing road sections. The RSI also makes recommendation for improvements.

The RSI method is consistently simple, because the accident-critical street are approved systematically, and the weak points of a traffic facility are discerned using engineering and traffic psychologically methods.

When does the Road Safety inspection make sense?
When recommendations are needed for short-/ long-term remedies to improve safety at black spots and hazardeous roads sections.
A decision on maling investments in the existing net must be justified by security aspects. The result of the RSI delivers the lasting economic formulation for this future investments.

Action plans for the road safety and the long-term network planning need a solid base, which is provided by the RSI method's gradual analysis of whole network.

RSI: Direct help without bureaucracy

You give us information about your difficult road sections. We analyse these road sections and parts of the network. We then report where and why there are risks in some places and how you can improve the situation.  In case of black spots,  we usually can offer immediate advice without a time-consuming evaluation of accident data.

Of course, we also like to pass our know-how.
Let us train your employees and use the RSI method together. 

In the final analysis, we all share the same aim:

Roads will become safer!

Join us. It's to everyone's profit!