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The GRSA association was founded in the town Königs Wusterhausen near Berlin in April 2005.

Our interdisciplinary team includes:

  • Experienced road safety experts,
  • Road safety auditors and
  • Traffic psychologists
  • Legal experts

But our main principle is "accident prevention instead of reaction" is independent of our profession. Because after the accident is before the accident!

As road safety auditors trained and certified  by the Bauhaus University of Weimar or the University of Wuppertal, we bring our experience to our clients.  We all know that the questions of the road safety are often quite complex, but we should try to take these questions into consideration in the design, construction and operation of traffic facilities.

In our opinion, no project is too small for the execution of a Road Safety Audit. We particularly want to encourage administrations and communities to use this method as a quality-assurance system with a focus on the safety. If you want to install such an audit system, we would be happy to support you.
Although we address the German clients', we also want to share experiences with  foreign countries. In fact, two of our members currently are working in the "Road Safety"-committee  of the World Road Association (PIARC).

The main emphases of our activity:

  • Support of the Road Safety Audit as a component of the accident prevention
  • Development of measures for improving thesafety of existing traffic facilities
  • Development of concepts for eliminating  accident black spots,
  • Technical and scientific exchange of national and international experiences,
  • Training and further education of members and interested colleagues.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about road safety issues!